Managed Care

Managed Care

Spectra Laboratories provides managed care organizations with the individualized, integrated services they need to overcome the major challenges facing the industry today: monitoring provider performance, optimizing patient outcomes and curbing overall costs.

How we can help
Spectra Laboratories delivers testing, analysis and reporting with the accuracy, efficiency and flexible service clinicians require:

  • Renal-specific tests spanning a wide range of specialties, including Microbiology and Water & Dialysate testing
  • Complete menu of renal-specific calculations based upon National Kidney Foundation published standards
  • State-of-the-art instrumentation automates the processing of specimens
  • Extensive reviews are conducted for all laboratory results to ensure accuracy
  • Comprehensive training and ongoing support by team of Nephrology¬†Clinical Educators

Empowering network providers to make faster, more efficient decisions
Spectra's Web-based data management solution, Korus, helps providers assess and take action rapidly to support optimal patient care.

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