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Spectra Laboratories provides comprehensive testing services spanning a wide range of specialties.

High Volume Testing Through Automation

State-of-the-art instrumentation and automated specimen processing enables us to deliver a majority of test results within 24 hours from the time specimens are received at the laboratory, and report critical results every two hours - while still exceeding industry standards for test quality.

Our testing services include:

  • - Chemistry
  • - Hematology
  • - Immunochemistry
  • - Microbiology
  • - ProTime (INR) Testing
  • - Serology
  • - Aluminum
  • - I-PTH
  • - Therapeutic Drugs Monitoring
  • - Water & Dialysate (including AAMI, Endotoxin, 
      Colony Counts and testing to Ultrapure standards)
  • - Hepatitis Serology with Confirmatory Testing
  • - Anemia Testing (including CHr)

Dialysis calculations for quality assessment of therapy:

  • - Urea Reduction Rate (URR)
  • - Kinetics - natural log, quick and actual Kt/V
  • - PD Adequacy - adult and pediatric
  • - Peritoneal Equilibration Testing (PET)

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